Excursion to Monte Pic
(duration approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes)
Follow trail No. 2 up to Sella Cuca. Then, take No. 6 to go up Monte Pic. From there, descend by Sëura Sass and return on the No. 6A trail on the west side of Picalla Sella Cuca, from which point you return to the hut.

Walking below the Odle Mountains
(duration approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes)
From the Fermeda Lodge, take the No. 2 trail towards the Firenze Refuge. From there, take the No. 13 trail, which passes through alpine pastures, Swiss pines, and larches. You'll get to the high route No. 2B, which passes under the faces of Grande and Piccola Fermeda. Follow on to the left towards Seceda, passing the Pieralongia and Trojer Hut. When you arrive at the summit of Seceda, enjoy the spectacular 360° panorama! The No. 1A trail will take you back to the hut.

The west side tour of the Odle Mountains
(difficult, duration approximately 5 hours and 20 minutes)
From the Fermeda Hut, take the No. 2A trail towards Col Raiser. At the second fork, walk up towards the Pieralongia Hut (No. 4A) and follow the high route No. 2B, which takes you up the winding path to the Forcella di Mesdi. Once up the saddle, enjoy the fabulous view of the Val di Funes. Descending on the winding trail, you reach the lowest point of the hike, the Fontane Bianche. This is the start point for the Adolf Munkel trail (No. 6A) towards the Forcella Pana. Once at summit, you will see the Odle Mountains rise up majestically to the left, where Alpine marmots are often seen. Descend towards the Sofie Hut and return to the Fermeda Hut on the No. 1A trail.

Via Ferrata Sass Rigais
(Trail with fixed protection for expert climbers, fairly easy, duration approximately 6 hours)
From the lodge, take the No. 2 trail towards Col Raiser. At the second fork, you will see the sign for Sass Rigais. Going mostly through pastures, you pass by the foot of the Grande Fermeda on the high route No. 2B. Walk until you find the sign that indicates the climb towards the Sass Rigais, taking the south side. It takes about 1 hour along the via ferrata to reach the summit of Sass Rigais. (Alternatively, you can go east to the Val dla Salieries. It takes about 1 ½ hours to reach the saddle at 2696 m, where the eastern via ferrata starts). You can descend towards the south along another route with fixed protection. After descending for about 30 minutes, the fixed protection route ends and there is a steep path that continues down for a few minutes. The last part of the route has fixed protection once again. After about 1 hour of descending from the summit, you reach an easy trail, which coincides with the route going up the south side. From there, you reach a trail on the right going towards the Pieralongia Hut, from which you can get down to the Fermeda Hut.

(Take trail No. 2 towards the Firenze Refuge, then No. 17B to the Forcella Piza.)
Return Option 1: Once at the summit of Forcella Piza, descend towards the Stevia Refuge and the Forcella Silvestre at the Juac Refuge. From there, you can return to the Fermeda Lodge passing by the Firenze Refuge and Col Raiser.
Return Option 2: Once at the summit of the saddle, you can continue to ascend for another 40 minutes to Col dala Pieres. You can then descend to the Forcella de Sieles and towards the Cisles Alp. From there, you take the high route No. 2B towards Pieralongia Hut, which then leads back to the Fermeda Lodge.

(medium difficulty, duration 7 hours)
At the first crossroad, walk up towards the Trojer Chalet. From there, take the high route No. 2B towards the Forcella de Sieles, and then trail No. 2 towards the Puez Refuge (about a 3 hour walk).
Return option 1: return by the same route.
Return option 2: descend by the Vallunga to Selva and take the Col Raiser cableway back up to the lodge.

Piz Duleda
(difficult, duration 5 hours)
Take trail No. 2 to the Firenze Refuge. Then, take trail No. 2/3. At the saddla, take trail No. 3 towards the Forcella de Roa. At the pass, take the easily visible trail No. 3A to the right, which leads to the trail with fixed protection towards Nives. This goes up to the Forcella Nives at 2740 m. It's just a 30-minute walk from the Sella Nives to the summit of Piz Duleda at 2909 m. To return, take the Forcella de Sieles towards the Cisles Alp and the high route No. 2 towards the Pieralongia Chalet, where you descend to the Fermeda Lodge.

Various climbs on the Odle Mountains from grades 1 to 4: Grande and Piccola Fermeda, Odla de Ncisles, Sas Mezdi, Furchetta, Cansles...

Duration of Routes
Fermeda Hut – Santa Cristina: 1 hour
Fermeda Hut – Pic : 45 minutes Rifugio Fermeda Hut – Rasciesa Hut: 2 hours & 30 minutes
Fermeda Hut – Ortisei (trail 2): 2 hours Fermeda Hut – Firenze Hut: 30 minutes Rifugio Fermeda Hut – Puez Hut: 3 hours & 30 minutes
Fermeda Hut – Seceda: 1 hour Fermeda Hut – Brogles Hut: 2 hours Rifugio Fermeda Hut – Genova Hut: 4 hours & 30 minutes